the rainbow cart

I have a marvelous rolling cart with 12 rainbow colored drawers… today I spent time clearing out old junk and filling it up with new junk! It’s pretty organized now- let’s see how long it will stay that way. I’ve got tools, such as specialty scissors and glue in one drawer, paper in one, fibers in one, wires in one, one just for tidbits like found objects, one for the few stamps I have and inkpads, and so on. Of course, after I organized it, I couldn’t find anything that *used* to live in there, so now I’ll have to organize the rest of my room. (It’s a never ending battle some days.) I do enjoy having a room of my own, though! One of the requirements when we were looking to buy a new house was an extra bedroom just for me… some days it’s just my “room”, some days it’s my “studio”; what I call it depends on what’s going on in here and how messy it is, I suppose. My closet is full of tubs and carts and organizers, which are full of XS fabric, charts, kits, and accessories. My design rings (threads) hang from the closet bar where clothes normally go. In one corner, I have stacked canvases, masonite boards, large drawing pads, and my portfolio. An art table, which I built myself, takes up most of one wall. The other walls are lined with shelves, but unfortunately the metal do-it-yourself kind which aren’t all that attractive. Or inspiring. I’d really like a plant in here, but I tend to kill them… Anyway, on the list for 2006 is a re-vamp of the room, so that’s it’s *always* worthy of the term “studio”.