calendar designs

Today I mailed out the postcard notices to shop owners, letting them know the calendars are available. I decided to go ahead and release these 2 designs, since they are pretty time-sensitive. The first is a motif sampler style calendar, “sampler calendar details” and the second is a humorous one, “warning calendar details”. The funny thing is, there was actually a third one planned, but I didn’t get it finished in time. The saying on that one? “Why put off today what you can do tomorrow?” Just one of life’s little ironies, I think. The calendars are pretty neat, if you don’t mind me saying so, because they come with a 12-month calendar pad. And they are small… I just love clever, small things! Which is acually how these 2 designs came about in the first place. I found the tiny calendar pads, and thought they were cute and then wondered what I could do with them. Sometimes designs happen that way-I might design a whole piece around one specific element that’s interesting to me.