Lebanon-a day trip

Last night we went to the annual Victorian Lamplighting event in Lebanon, IL. This is the 5th year we’ve gone and it’s fun every time. The setting is an old-fashioned, small town Main Street sprinkled with specialty and antique shops. Also home to one of the largest needlework shops in the area. It’s about a 2 hour drive, so I had some stitching time in the car. Yesterday’s project was my daughter’s first name shield, charted by Hillcroft House. I discovered the name charts at CATS, and bought one for each of us. My original plan was to stitch all three on one fabric, and frame as kind of a family sampler, but we all like such different colors! Back to Lebanon–the evening was fun. It wasn’t too cold, which was an added bonus. We had our carriage ride, bought a giant bag of kettle corn, listened to the carolers, and of course watched the lamplighting. I didn’t see too much that I couldn’t live without at the XS store, but I did get “Autumn” and “Winter” by Val’s Stuff. Very cute.