local group time

Last night was the monthly meeting of my local stitcher’s group- what a blast! We do way more talking than stitching, and I typically have to frog whatever it is I’ve stitched during the group time once I get home. I was able to put a few more stitches in on my mom’s birthday present (I can’t post a picture ’cause she might see it) but I *think* it will actually be done on time! I can tell you it’s a re-working of a Sunflower Samplings design. I really enjoy the group time because it’s so fun to see what everyone’s working on; and then of course, I see someone’s WIP and *need* to go buy the chart! And this time, I had to add the Knifty Knitting circles to my list of must-haves. One of the ladies brought hers in, and showed us how they worked. Looks like fun, I think. I’d like the purple rectangle loom, because it makes a solid piece rather than a tube. I’ve added them to my Christmas wish list….