small town life

Well, folks… you know you live in a small town when the chief of police escorts the town’s only fire truck through the streets, with sirens blaring and Santa hanging off the back end. Yep, that’s right. Santa Claus himself rode the fire truck through Winfield this afternoon, ho-ho-ho-ing to everyone in the neighborhood. Too bad I didn’t have batteries handy for my digital camera- it was a sight to behold.

On the stitching front, I have finished one of my February releases, and have *almost* finished HIH “wee angel in the clouds”. Just have a bit of one wing left. Also I’m mid-way through my third “marker” and I spent the day finishing up the designs for 4 more. (I’ll share more about my “marker” concept in a future post) Also, a new Yahoo! group has been formed, OneOverOners, which is dedicated to stitching projects over one linen thread. Of course I signed up right away!