a mess for Christmas!

Inspired by my friend Meri, I have decided to re-do my studio. I removed the closet doors, and moved my art table into the closet. I have my fibers hanging from the closet bar, and I put some shelves on the side wall of the closet. That really freed up a lot of space in the room, but now I have a “wall of plastic” where the table used to be. I’m not sure the organizers didn’t look better in the closet, but at this point I’m committed! I tried to convince DH to move our bedroom into this room, and let me take take over the master bedroom for my studio, but no dice. I even offered to let him still use the master bath…

Since I had to pretty much unload the entire room to start over, there are things stacked up in the hallway, the master bedroom, and the living room. I found fabrics I had forgotten I had, too, and abandoned projects by the dozens. What a mess we will have for Christmas if I don’t get this finished SOON.