I use a very non-scientific method for my WIPs in rotation. What I do is load up my Yazzii bag with 5-7 projects. Then when it’s time to stitch, I grab the bag,open it up and just stitch on whichever one catches my fancy. As designs are completed, out they go (typically into my fuppie box) and I kit up a new one to replace it. Occasionally, I don’t get a chance to refill my bag right away, so there have been times when I have as few as 2 projects going at once, but the typical amount in ‘current rotation’ is 5 projects.

Rotation has come up a lot in the past week on several of my groups, and it was interesting to see the number of stitchers who place themselves on stitching schedules, either through use of timers or by only stitching certain subjects on certain days… I can’t imagine feeling in the mood to stitch a sampler, but not allowing myself to because it’s ornament day! And, if I’m punching a clock, I’d better be getting a salary plus insurance benefits…

I do design for a living, which on the surface probably sounds like a dream job, but it really is a lot of work. So for my “fun” stitching (which I still do as much of as I can) I prefer to maintain a carefree style of rotation. And projects get done anyway! Recently, I sorted through my UFOs and was pleasantly surprised to find fewer than I’d thought there would be. I started an album in my photos (link on sidebar) in the hopes that I can see some of them completed in 2006.