a *new* magazine

Last night I had oportunity to view a copy of Cross Stitch & Needlework, the updated version of Stitcher’s World. I thought it was energetic, despite the boring title. The new layout is fantastic, and I like the stitching notes about things such as estimated project completion time. (To read about the demise of Stitcher’s World and the new replacement, click here.) Even better, the editorial staff has remained the same. I had the pleasure of meeting Gloriann and Jennifer last August and they were quite delightful! It’s obvious that they really care about the future of the industry and are doing their best to keep stitchers supplied with contemporary designs.

Speaking of magazines, have you noticed that something like 70% of the designs in the US magazines are done by Marie Barber? Makes me wonder if not enough designers are submitting or if she’s somehow made a major coup that results in her taking over at least half of all designs published…. I’m not knocking her- in fact, I think she’s a brilliant designer! Just wondering where the rest of us designers fit into the scheme of magazine land.