Carrie’s Threads

Here’s a finish I’m pretty excited about: “Queen of Stitches” by J. Designs, from her “Tote-Ally Cool” leaflet. This was the first time I was able to try Carrie’s Threads and I just couldn’t resist the color “Jelly Fish” which I used for the border. Great threads; I’m getting ready to stitch up a little Christmas design using her Peppermint next.

This was also the first chance I had to try the DMC Light Effects. The crown is a very bright gold in person and really looks great. The DMC thread frayed every time I so much as looked at it, stuck to itself like generic plastic wrap does, and knotted and twisted… in short, it was a MAJOR pain to work with. BUT, the shine effect is well worth the trouble. My only complaint is that the finished size is not a standard frame size– so into the fuppie box you go!