a quilting we will go…

I’ve tried my hand at something relatively new– quilting. I’m working on a quilt for a friend who could use a “snuggly” and so far so good! Twelve of us decided to stitch small squares which would be used for a lap quilt. I have posted scans of the individual blocks in my photos; take a look– they are all lovely! I was the designated “squaretaker” and I decided to use a modified crazy quilt style to form the 12 blocks for a more personal feel. I also did a wee bit of hand embroidery on each block. There was one mishap, but I *think* I successfully covered it up. It’s not perfect but it’s certainly made with love & prayers; with every stitch that all 12 of us put into it.

**Update: Jan 27. I finished last night by adding a soft flannel backing and tie quilting. ‘Chelle will be delivering the quilt this afternoon!