January = white (6 x 4)

OK let’s add a new camera to my wish list! Anyone want to trade one for charts??

I created this fabric postcard for the “6 x 4 Lives” group. The idea is to create a journal, using a fabric postcard format. I *think* I plan to do a different color each month and January is WHITE. January holds the new year as well as my birthday month and white represents a fresh start, clean slate, new beginning. I always start to feel antsy in late December, like I didn’t accomplish quite enough during the year…by the time my birthday rolls around, I’ve worked through my angst and am ready to look forward with anticipation rather than backward with regret.

To create this one, I began with 2 cuts of white fabric, one wool felt and one a nice cotton. I hand stiched the silver chain ribbon down first, and then layered on my other fun fibers. After that I added the silver tube beads for a focal point and then dotted the landscape with other assorted beads, all white. To finish the piece, I had to zigzag with the sewing machine to make the 6 X 4 area and trimmed. That was the worst part! I really dislike using a machine. I decided to leave a tab on the left edge because I’d like to bind them all into a book at the end of the year.