Sunday square

I have decided to pursue crazy quilting on Sundays…tonight I pieced a foundation block and then maybe next Sunday I’ll begin the embellishment. I’m very pleased with how this block turned out, although I do wish the mermaid wasn’t quite so centered. I’m happy with the flow of the red fabric, though, and that makes up for her positioning. Ah well, it’s not like I’m getting graded– I’m doing this just for fun!

I needed soothing this evening, so playing with fabrics was a good thing. I’m on edge with all these tornado warnings and watches we’ve had and also feeling a bit anxious about a presentation I’m giving on Tuesday to the EGA. Twice. I’ll be speaking at both the morning and evening meetings, so I guess the good thing is that if I leave out something important the first time ’round, maybe I’ll remember for the evening session! It’s unlike me to be so on edge, and I’m hoping this is a just a false sense of impending doom… I’m really not up for a tornado tonight.