fiery deadlines

This month has been so full of deadlines, my head is spinning! I am currently only behind on one of them, which is a stitcher’s ornament for an exchange, but 2 more are coming right up! I managed to get all of my Needlework Show orders packed and in the mail in a timely manner, so that’s a good thing. In the midst of it all, I got so sick I thought I’d die right there on the recliner. Fortunately recovered now :)

I also set the toaster on fire and had to pitch it out into the yard. Not the first appliance that has died a fiery death on my lawn, BTW. I have also managed to set on fire: a vaccuum cleaner, a portable heater, a microwave, a previous toaster, and?? I’m sure there was something else… I’ve always been a bit of an accidental firebug, though, and it’s just something that you get used to. Through experience, I’ve found that when anything portable is on fire, it’s much easier to remove it from the house than to try to exstinguish it inside. Less mess, too. The first few times, my husband would say, “why is there a such-n-such in the front yard?” but he doesn’t even ask anymore, so I guess he’s gotten used to it as well.

I have 3 models out to stitchers right now, with another to go out today and I think (hope?) 2 more to go out on early next week. I’ve had to send the projects off because I am focusing on painting canvases! Yep, My Mark is joining the needlepoint world– canvases to debut at the TNNA show in June. Maybe if I can get my act together in the next few days, I’ll post a picture. Then again, maybe not.