canvas preview/catch up

I wanted to share a pic of one the needlepoint canvases I have been working on… I’m very pleased with the way this series is coming along. This one is “grace” and is hand painted on 18 mesh.

I have gotten MUCH accomplished in the last week, after sending my daughter to Grandma’s house for a “vacation” and going on a housework strike! I have been painting and printing and stitching and packaging and… you get the idea :) I have managed to eek out 6 new releases for cross stitch and I should hit 20 canvases as planned. The embroidery designs had to fall by the wayside, unfortunately, but they will be top priority when I return from market.

Speaking of the market, I ought to explain a bit further about the Town Square project. There is a group of about 40 designers who are each contributing a design for a building and when stitched together, they make up a Town Square. (My contribution is the flower shop) These will be free handouts exclusively for shop owners attending the TNNA show! And, at the end of the show, a few lucky shops will get to take home the models! Normally, I’m anti-freebie, because usually what’s expected is that the “intellectual property” is what’s free (the design) but in this case, every company who participated donated their talents/wares to the project. The fabric, threads, and frames were all provided at no cost. I am excited to be partcipating, and also hoping I’m able to score a set of charts for myself :)