Frank’s bunny

Isn’t this the cutest bunny?! At the recent TNNA show, my nearest neighbor was Mosey N Me, and Frank gave me one of his booth decorations at the end of the show… this sweet bunny! I had originally planned to place him in my studio, but it looks as though he’ll be living up on the plant shelf (next to my basket collection) in the family room.

I had been planning to write up a show report to share with everyone, but honestly it seems like old news at this point. I have been so busy getting orders filled (mostly getting canvas painted!) that here it is 2 weeks after the fact already… I will say that it was a fantastic experience, and I’m *very* glad I exhibited :)

Almost all of the orders are out & on their way to shops. Next I need to update my website; most importantly to provide everyone with the list of shops who are carrying my TNNA exclusive design, “friendship on fire”. It may not be until next week that I actually get the needlepoint section of my website done, but it really is on my list…