elf in progress

I just started this little elf girl and she’s been addictive to stitch so far! I’m not sure I’m happy with her cheek color, so I’ll probably change that but I thought I’d wait until it was closer to finished. I’m using the metallic lugana fabric and really loving working with it! I found the pattern on cyberstitchers.com and the designer’s name is Barbara Ana…. she has a few others I’d like to do as well.

I’m heading out of town again (and looking forward to September, when I’ll get to stay home for an entire month) so I need to kit up a few projects to take with me. I’m having a hard time deciding what to take! I’ll have one of my own designs, of course, but on the off chance I actually get finished with my ‘work’ I’d like to have something else handy, too. Although, I plan to go to the LNS there for a work-related matter anyway, so I could always just buy something new. Hmmm…