tootin’ the old horn

Ok I hate to talk about myself, er, my accomplishments, but I figure that from a business standpoint I had better just get over it. So… first a bit of exciting news: my blackwork designs will now be distributed by Nordic Needle! Which leads me into what I’ve been doing with myself this past week: As I was getting the order ready for NN, it occurred to me that it’s almost August. If that weren’t enough of a shock, I realized that I haven’t finished my Fall Blackwork design yet. Logically, it stands to reason that all the shops (and stitchers) who have purchased Spring Blackwork and Summer Blackwork might like to have Fall as well, so I have been stitching my fingers off to get it done in time. (BTW, Witch Hazel applied to a sore stitching arm/hand does wonders in relieving the pain) I’ve also made a vow to begin Winter Blackwork as soon as Fall is done, so I won’t be caught unawares again in October!

Other news: a magazine deal! I won’t give away any details since I haven’t signed the contracts yet–they are rumored to be in the mail. However, the designs are very cool (I can say that, because they are) and one way or another you’ll see them in 2007.

Calendars are also on the way! Those very fun calendars that were a hit in 2006 will be back again, only this time with 2007 dates! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look here. There will be 3 styles (there I go counting my chickens before they hatch again) for 2007 and they are perfect for your cubby at work or home… look for them to hit stores by September first-ish.

I’m also mid-way through stitching a pretty home blessing, done entirely in red silk on cream Cashel linen. This one I don’t even care if it sells, I’m doing it for ME. (did I say that?)

::::putting down the horn:::: I’ve accidentally begun working on my studio re-do project again, too. What started as a simple need to find a place for the funky fabrics I brought home from NM has ended as a complete reorganization of storage in my studio. So, while on the surface it all still looks the same, now I know what’s in each drawer/cabinet/box and can actually find what I’m looking for. A novel idea to be sure. I can’t imagine how productive I’ll be now! ha.

It has come to my attention that my blog was becoming blah and in an effort to remedy such a serious situation, I’m throwing caution (and self-censorship) to the wind. I’m just going to be myself, and hope I don’t offend anyone in the process. It’s scary to think that I need to make such an announcement, I know, but perhaps this will serve as a visual reminder to me to be less cautious when posting. At least until this post scrolls off the page anyway.


One thought on “tootin’ the old horn

  1. Don’t fret offending anybody – be yourself. It is YOUR blog. Blog for YOU.

    Great news about the blackwork patterns! & possible magazine deal (in the works), too. How kewl is that????

    OOOOOOhhhhh a studio — I have a corner in the bedroom – a place to spread out & get down to the creative basics would be so nice. Take pictures!! Tell more!!

    My small drawers are a MESS & only I can find anything in them. There is a method to that madness … my family members don’t use ANYTHING. LOL

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