procrastination pays!

Last month I bought some paint for an art project that just didn’t work and I meant to return it… this week the same paint is on sale at Michaels. So today I went in and got a price adjustment. And then of course I had to go shopping with the saved money. DD & I found all sorts of neat things on sale… came out with 2 bags full and spent just $2.00. See, procrastination really does pay! Note for DMC Perle 5 lovers: Michaels has the Linea product line on clearance, and the 3-pk of perle is just .50.

Mail call: a skein of Waterlilies silk and 2 pairs of neat-o scissors. One is the golden chicken, and the other is a fish which looks exactly like the pair my friend Mary has pictured here. I admit, I’m just too darn lazy to take my own picture. This heat is killing me… Is it bedtime yet?


2 thoughts on “procrastination pays!

  1. perle coton for 50 cents?? I’m so there later today ….

    Excellent mail — my had BILLS — oh darn.

    I’m on my way to the Home Economics building (Porter County Fair) this a.m. I’m working the floor 10-noon. It is going to be fun … Later my friend!

  2. Forgot to ask: What the heck color is “cloud”?

    and, I’m showing my small brain, what is “aubergine”??

    Or, are you seeing if anybody is paying attention to your blog???LOL!

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