at last, a coaster

I am immensely perturbed. well, ok, maybe just mildly aggrivated. (I don’t have the energy in this heat to be immensely *anything*) I have been working on a design, which took me a long time to find just exactly the right shade of red… I was running low and ordered a new skein of silk and OF COURSE the colors don’t match. Not even close! I think this one will just have to be done in DMC. sigh. (Note to self: buy enough thread of the same dye lot to complete a project) Anyway- I set it aside (because I knew if I tossed it out the window, I’d have to go out in the heat to fetch it) and made this:

a little “kitsch” for my kitchen. It’s a coaster for my counter, because after almost 2 years of folding a paper towel into a square each day so the sweat from my glass didn’t leech onto my notepad, I’ve decided it was time to graduate to an actual coaster. I found this fabric during my travels at a little quilt shop which specializes in retro fabrics and it’s just perfect for what I wanted! I cut out the larger print flowers and stitched them onto the base fabric with a simple buttonhole stitch, then layered in a thin batting and put the whole deal on top of a solid square (cut slightly larger all around) of the dotted fabric. Folded up the edges, more buttonholing and viola! I could have gotten it done in less than half the time if I had used the sewing machine, but it just wouldn’t have been the same.


One thought on “at last, a coaster

  1. Where did that line go about your favorite colors??? I like eggplant — really, I do! I just didn’t know it was called “aubergine” … LOL

    Cute coaster! I have a problem with coasters … the coaster sits where the cup should be; however, I carry the cup all over the house.

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