group projects!

Woohooo! I got the first batch of alphabet 4 x 4’s in the mail today, and they are way cool… these are from my CPS group. (a really neat Yahoo! group for artists who use cloth & paper to create) Several of us have decided to do 4 x 4’s (4″ square art collages) representing the alphabet, and in the end we will have an entire alphabet’s worth of mini-art. I’m thinking I’ll make mine into some kind of book(??) BTW, I did the letter H, which unfortunately was absent for picture day. The pic is a bit crummy, really; these look great in person!

I also received the pre-release chart for a collaboration project I was involved in with 6 other designers. Kudos to my friend Angie for putting together the fantastic packaging for this chart. I can’t show you a picture, but I can tell you that this is a group of 7 designs, each based on a Bible verse. The title of the project is “Greetings From BAND” and will be available through needlework shops soon! The debut is set for the Charlotte Needlework Market, which is a *cash & carry* show, so be sure to let your favorite shop owner know you’d be interested in seeing this one when she returns from market!