please pass the cucumber slices

OY! I hate it when I go to sleep just after crying at night… my eyelids are puffy for most of the next morning! No, I haven’t had any personal trauma, just a sappy movie. I have a saturday night ‘tradition’ of grabbing my coffee & my stitching and parking myself on the couch to watch whatever cheezy movie is showing on TV. My cat curls up next to me and purrs… it’s quite heavenly. (such a far cry from my clubbing days!! who ever would have imagined I’d *look forward* to a saturday night alone?!) Last night’s movie was Stepmom. I just cried buckets during Stepmom, because the thought of dying while your children are still so young really hits me… that movie is right up there with A Walk to Remember for inducing tears!

Not much progress on my Souvenir Sampler. I’ve almost finished the first band across the top, and I changed the eyelets to regular crosses just because I’d prefer this one to be free of specialty stitches. I figure the idea is to wind up with a sampler that reflects who I am, and I’m about as low-maintenance as they come. (my family might disagree- but just go along with it, k?) I’ll be glad to get this top band finished and move on down to the more individualized squares.