shipping tape transfers!

I just discovered a fun way to make image transfers using shipping tape! Ok, so I didn’t actually “discover” the method…perhaps I should say I ran across this cool method. What you do is place you shipping tape over a photo (printed on paper- not a real photo, yikes!) and burnish HARD. Since I don’t own an actual burnishing tool, I used the edge of a domino and the back of a wooden spoon; both things worked equally well. After burninshing, I placed the bit into a bowl of pretty warm water and let it sit for 5 minutes. The backing paper can be rubbed away, leaving a transparent image on the tape! Very cool. My daughter even got in on the gig, doing transfers of the Disney princesses. My husband said, “yeah, but what are they for?” when we showed him. Although he did admit they looked pretty neat.

I made this tag for an August transfer challenge… I’m lovin’ the way the music shows right through her face, as though all she can think about is her stardom (she’s an aspiring singer, you know). The silver stars didn’t scan well, but they are very glitzy, as is the thread, and the whole thing reminds me of 20’s glamour. Tres chic.

BTW, here’s a website which lists a nice variety of transfer techniques :)