I seriously hate my stove. Ok, maybe hate is too strong, but there is a definite ‘dislike’ vibe going down. I’m always sure it’s going to burst into flames given half a chance. It’s electric, and every time I turn on a burner, smoke wisps up from under the pot! I’m sure it’s just the daily dust or cat hair or whatever it is that floats around in the air on a regular basis, but it still makes me nervous. (Perhaps because I have a penchant for setting appliances on fire?) When we had a gas stove, I knew that any flotsam would be incinerated instantly. With the electric stove, the bits just slowly smolder until it’s too late to do anything about it. Maybe it’s time for some of those “oh-so-stylish” burner covers.

I was just about to defend myself for having dust on my burners when it occurred to me: anyone who claims to have pristine burners is either religiously using burner covers or needs to seriously consider refocusing their priorities.