a cozy project

My friend Meri has been creating a series of clever scissor charts, and I fell in love with this Fall Leaves design! I stitched it over 2 (instead of the over-one that the designs call for) so I could make a cozy for my sewing scissors. I used wool felt for the back & lining, and I think it turned out pretty well. It’s not the straightest sewing I’ve ever done, but it will do the trick!

3 thoughts on “a cozy project

  1. Wow! Monique you did a really good job! I really like how you did the innter lining … it compliments the design. Love it and I’ll be linking to this is you don’t mind

  2. That came out so nice! Aren’t her scissor patterns unique? I like the one with the buttons … have yet to stitch it!

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