my cookbook

Ok some of my friends have been teasing me about my cooking skills. Er, actually my lack thereof. I wanted to take a moment to post a pic of my very pitiful cookbook, which is actually a spiral bound notebook purchased at a college I went to visit with a friend of mine oh-so-many years ago. The recipes inside have been mostly thrust upon me by well meaning individuals, although I have found some myself.

Occasionally, I go through periods where I think I ought to be a bit more “domestic” and that’s when I’ll clip a few recipes and glue-stick them into the notebook. I have been going through that phase again recently, and I am ready (I think) to move up into a REAL cookbook. Oh no- I don’t mean like Betty Crocker or anything, but I want to re-do my recipes and put them into a scrapbook of sorts. They’ll be written (typed?) neatly, the pages will be clean, there will be images of dancing bacon & eggs in the margins, and it will be an actual grown up cookbook.

Scary, I know.


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