slug fest

How anyone can become attached to a slug is beyond me, although I’m guessing it has something to do with the trauma of not having a goldfish. As you can see by the sign, DD has lost her slug! I won’t say, “pet slug” because (mercifully) it was only with us for a short time. I’m not entirely sure that there’s enough time in the world for a slug to ever really become a pet…

How the slug came to be caged: DH always clears the yard of critters before mowing the lawn, and this time the rescued critter was a slug. DD & I were sitting at the kitchen table, peacefully working on little crafty things, when DH came in (why he always has to bring the critters inside is a mystery to me) and placed it on the table. ON THE KITCHEN TABLE!!! I said GET IT OUT NOW! and after a bit of ruckus, he & DD went outside and caged the beast. To keep it safe from the mowing, you know.

I don’t know when or how or why the slug made his escape, but I am grateful he was outside. DD was broken up for a bit and then sprang into action making slug-finder posters, which are now taped to every window on our house. The entire neighborhood is aware of our plight; I just hope no one actually returns the thing.


2 thoughts on “slug fest

  1. I’m not positive, but don’t slugs go into a cocoon? Then they come back as moths? I’ll have to go look it up now to be positive – cause I hate unanswered questions! :)

    I love your site by the way! Ans you have marvelous designs!! Love it!!

  2. really? I always figured slugs were just naked snails… so are they naked caterpillars, then? You’ll have to let me know what you find out :)

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