I wish I had a camera here…I have new hair! And I love, love it! I’ve always been more of a Great Clips kind of girl, so I really went out of my comfort zone today by going to an actual *salon*. Technically, I think it’s actually called a “Day Spa”, but whatever you call it, it was a wonderful experience– and worth every penny. I met with a stylist who listened to me gripe about how much I hate my hair (and have for like 8 years now) and suggested options… I just told her to do whatever she thought needed to be done and have fun with it! The conversation wasn’t even the usual inane banter; turns out she lives just a few miles from me so she could relate to living in the middle of nowhere. Although, she’s a wee bit closer to town so I guess she’s more on the edge of nowhere than the middle. Anyway, I am in love with my new hair and I hope I can figure out how to recreate the style in the morning.


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