vacation is over!

Lots of projects waiting for me here at home, although DH did keep up with the housework while I was away so I got to come back to a spotless home! My first step was to attack the huge pile of mail that was on the kitchen counter. I had tons of junk mail and bills but fortunately had some goodies in there, too! I got a few more XS charts (see pic), a wonderful ornament from an exchange (more later), some great books (well, schoolbooks), and lots of nice Christmas cards. Oh shoot– reminds me I need to get going on our Christmas cards. Ack. Christmas is only 8 days away… I’m thinking I’ll just not send out cards this year. Can I do that? (is it even legal to skip the cards?!)

I haven’t quite caught up on emails yet, and I have an art swap to take care of tomorrow… new designs to chart up, and Christmas decorating to be done! DH always suggests I should *make a list* whenever I have a bunch of stuff that needs to be done “yesterday”, and I will. Right after a nap.