so how’d I do?

With just 2 weeks left in 2006, I thought I’d better go back and review my goals to see if I made progress; surprisingly- yes! Here’s the original post:

Friday, January 06, 2006
2006 Goals
I won’t be so daring as to call them “resolutions” because they are sure to be broken then, but I did think it might be nice to list a few goals for 2006. It will be interesting to recap at the end of the year and see if I’ve managed any of them! In no particular order:

~ Persuade DH (or do it myself) to finally hook up the dryer vent pipe (We are still using the pantyhose trick)
~ Find time to stitch at least one ornament each month for our tree
~ Submit design(s) to magazine
~ Walk the TNNA show in June
~ Keep a record, including pictures, of all stitched finishes this year
~ Finish the decoration & organization of my studio space
~ IMHLOGTHO (this won’t make a bit of sense to anyone but me, but I wanted to make note anyway)

OK, so the dryer vent still hasn’t been hooked up, and I think I only managed to stitch 5 ornaments this year… BUT not only did I do the rest of the list, I went “above & beyond” on 3 of them!! Not only did I submit to mags, I had 3 designs and an article accepted for publication, and I didn’t just walk the TNNA show, I exhibited. Yay! That more than cancels out the 2 I didn’t really do, doesn’t it??


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