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I have signed up for a journal quilt challenge… to begin in Jan. (Click here to see some of last year’s journal quilts that were on display in Houston) This is a quick sketch of what I’m planning for my January quilt– me with eyes closed, and hair flowing, and embellished with some of the things that go on (perpetually!) in my head. The left side of the hair looks a bit lobster-clawish, and I don’t care for the duplicate downswirls on either side of the neck… I obviously have some details to work out as I go along. I’m hoping to get the base laid out today, so I can at least be done with that part of it, and *then* I can get back to Christmas prep. This project has just been nagging at me so much that I can’t focus on anything, which is why I’m starting something new just 5 days before Christmas. Either that or I’m just flat out insane.

***later in the day*****
Whew. Got the base nailed down and ready for stitching. it’s not perfect, which is one of the hazzards of freehanding things like this, but I think I can smooth over the rough spots when I do my embellishment. I waffled about using a colored background fabric, but I really envision this piece to be stitching intensive, and I think this is a case of “less is more”. Now I’ll put it away for a few days and see if I still think that next time I see it :)


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