GOSM, health & marsupials :)

The Gift of Stitching Magazine

OK, this issue has the cutest little bee pinkeep design by Little House/Country Cottage Needleworks (a collaboration). Also includes Part 1 of a mystery sampler by Long Dog! If you don’t yet subscribe to this magazine, treat yourself for the new year! Clicking on the pic will take you to the sign up form.

I think I’ll live! I’ve been up off the couch for most of today (hooray!) although I do intend to head back there shortly. I even have an idea for a new design rattling around in my head… that’s a good sign.

My daughter is studying animals with Grandma, and had to write a report on them today. She chose marsupials, and called me to let me know that “Marsupials are not made out of soup”. She was kidding, of course, but I was still quite relieved to hear it.


3 thoughts on “GOSM, health & marsupials :)

  1. Thanks for the link to the magazine, I think I will treat myself and subscribe to it! I am glad that you are going to live!!!! It is good news that you have ideas running around in your head for a new design!!!

  2. Sorry you starting off the new year ill, but glad that you are feeling better. I had some of those same germs about 2 weeks ago-just yucky.

    Happy Year to you and yours-though this is a little late.

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