Winfield Wednesdays

Mary Kathryn does Rocky Mountain Wednesdays, and I was tempted to follow her footsteps and begin a “Winfield Wednesdays” series… but then it occurred to me that nothing ever happens here on Wednesday (or any other day for that matter) and the views are less than spectacular. However, something exciting did happen yesterday… so despite the fact that it’s now Thursday, I’ll begin my Winfield Wednesdays series:

Big news! Winfield now has a grocery store!! No longer will we have to travel nearly a thousand miles (each way) to get our weekly food supply. The grand opening was yesterday, so of course we had to go up and check it out. We piled into the car and made the nearly three-minute trek in record time. My daughter and I were nearly dancing in the aisles with glee as the realization that we can run up to the store any time we feel like it set in. (Hungry for a chocolate doughnut? Five minutes until the first bite. Wake up needing a toaster waffle? Just a few minutes and it will be ready. Spaghetti noodles almost done but *gasp* we are out of sauce? Be right back.) Oh, the wonder of it all… takes me right back to the days of living in “the big city”. Next time, I’m taking my camera.


4 thoughts on “Winfield Wednesdays

  1. Are you serious about the 1 thousand miles each way? Okay that is just crazy! Anyway, that is such awesome news and I am sure that you will love it, just don’t grow broke making a ton of trips to the store a day! LOL

  2. I love shopping for fruits and vegetables like every other day – how nice for you! Now you need a Starbucks to go with your fresh chocolate doughnut!


  3. ROFL!!! You mean it’s finally done?? Good for you! Tell me when you get a Dollar General. That’s when we hit the big time in our tiny town. LOL

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