the letter “m”


Looky here… Gigi has just designed my initial chart! I’m adding this to my wish list, pronto. (Gigi’s letters are available at

I had a nightmare, so I’m up in the wee hours. I can never just go right back to sleep after a nightmare…have to do something to take my mind off of it. At least I don’t have them often, and when I do they are pretty tame. This particular dream involved a dog running through a movie theatre and startling me. Not even PG-13 material, really. And so I’m up categorizing the old posts I imported the other day from Blogger. I love the category function of wordpress! My goal is to have zero “uncategorized” posts… I just hate when things don’t have a niche.


5 thoughts on “the letter “m”

  1. Monique, that sampler is gorgeous! I will have to look at her site and see if she has done my initial yet! Thanks!!

  2. This monogram chart is stunning. Must find Gigi’s website! Adding it to my wish list as well.

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