see you in 11 months


My Round Robin has flown the coop and is on the way to the next in line. I’ve never done a RR before, and I’m very glad I found the opportunity to do one. The idea for the RR was born at stitching camp last November, and we have timed our stitching so that the finished piece will be returned to the owner at camp this November. I’m looking forward to seeing them all together!

I’m planning to just wing it as to what I put on each lady’s sampler… I’m going to try to design something special for each person, matching their style & personality the best I can. There’s always the worry that the recipient won’t like what I do, but I suppose that’s just a risk you take with a RR.

4 thoughts on “see you in 11 months

  1. Relax and enjoy the RR, Monique! It is going to be FUN! My first RR was with a group of stitchers I met on a stitching weekend and it was a great experience.

  2. Wow! Love the colors and monogram on your RR. Lucky group to get something designed by you with each one you work on! Very nice Monique!

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