birthday goodness




Yum. Oreo cake, new threads, and magazines! Does it get any better?? DH was sick today (I’m guessing the thought of taking me to the LNS is what made him ill, because he appears to be fine this evening) so I didn’t get to do much in the way of XS stashing, but I did get my order of Carries Threads in the morning mail. And I got a Barnes & Noble gift card, which I put to immediate use by picking up a few crafty mags. Now, I’m going to go stitch something. Er, right after I do a bit of online stashing.


4 thoughts on “birthday goodness

  1. Still was great stashing for your birthday and a yummy looking cake! Happy Birthday again Monique!

  2. I had to laugh as I bought two of those same magazines today. I love all the Somerset magazines and anxiously await each issue. Love Cloth Paper and Scissors too.

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