weird? nah.

I was tagged by Mary Kathryn to list 6 weird things about myself… of course, I don’t think they are too weird because I’m used to them :)

  1. I tend to set appliances on fire. The first few times it happened, my husband would ask me “why is the vaccuum cleaner in the yard?” or “where did the toaster go?”, but I think he’s finally to the point where he’s used it. He no longer questions why “coffee maker” is on our WalMart shopping list so often.
  2. I don’t eat anything that swims on a regular basis. I hate fish, lobster, crab, shrimp, seafood of any type.
  3. I’m picky about how towels are folded. When they get put away in the linen closet, the folds have to line up in a certain direction. When hanging bath towels on the rack, the folded edge always goes on the door side. Hand towels must be folded in thirds to hang in the bathroom, and kitchen towels folded only in half, with the folded side facing the front door. Oh, and they must hang centered on the oven handle.
  4. I only eat one thing at a time off my plate; I have to finish that thing before moving on to the next item. This drives my family nuts, because they will ask, “so how do you like the chicken?” and I’ll have to say, “haven’t tried it yet… still eating my potatoes”.
  5. I don’t really care much for chocolate! I do not like chocolate ice cream at all and although I do eat chocolate (usually at holiday gatherings) I really could live without it.
  6. I am living a watch-free lifestyle. I used to be quite addicted to knowing the time, but I haven’t worn a watch in years! Unless I have an appointment for something, I don’t pay a bit of attention to the time, other than to notice if it’s “day time” or “night time”.

9 thoughts on “weird? nah.

  1. Wow, I’m still pondering the chocolate part. Watch-free moments are on my wish list. : )

  2. Chocolate I can do without too. Watches, dito. But as for folding the towels… Well, I’m just glad you will never get to see the inside of my house :o)
    Love your blog and your stitching!

  3. I love your watch-free lifestyle! I don’t eat chocolate myself anymore and rarely miss it. Your appliance-burning tendencies made me laugh though ;)

  4. Hey ya…Moinque..

    thank so much for visiting my blog nbut yours puts me to *serious* shame!!!!!

    Thnanks love for leaving a comment. I will look at your site in greater detail when I have time!!!!

  5. I love reading your blog, Monique… You are hilarious! And I mean that in a really good way! You’ve got such a way with words and I love looking at all your stitching… And no… you are not weird at all! ;-) Just “An Original”!

  6. Oh my gosh, you are sounding even more like me! (except for the chocolate part, lol though my DH doesn’t like chocolate at all!) Our vacuum must burned up a month ago (never buy a Bissel again, I read online their motors have a way of doing this) and last month I singed the cord on the toaster (hard to do but I did it) and last week the motor on our dishwasher started smoking and today we got a new one installed. Yikes! I also don’t eat anything that swims in the sea or rivers so have to take my fish oil capsules daily! And I no longer wear a watch either. Gee, were we separated at birth?

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