Puppy Bowl Sunday!

Today was one of those days where I did a lot but didn’t really accomplish anything. I worked on bits of things here & there; I now have a few piles of “follow up tomorrow” strewn about my studio… I left them out on the floor so that I *have* to make them a priority!

Tonight we watched the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet, which was enormously cute. I had no idea such a thing existed, and when I first clicked on it, I was amazed that it was a televised event because how long can a person watch puppies play? The whole family was quickly sucked in by it though, and we wound up watching it all. Basically, it was a play area with a mini yardline carpet and goalposts set up, and puppies playing with squeaky toys. The half-time show was kittens playing with their toys. What a hoot!


One thought on “Puppy Bowl Sunday!

  1. This is so funny because the exact same thing happened to us!!! We flipped it on during the Kitty Half Time Show, which in my opinion did get a little boaring after just a bit. We thought the same thing about the puppies though, but soon could not turn away from it. I too never knew that there was such a thing!! LOL

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