2 new releases


Harriet’s Diamonds (stitched on White Cashel using DMC) is named after a friend of mine who saved my life with a bit of thread. OK, that’s a bit dramatic, but she did help me out! BTW, I used a close up of this design for my blog header. HD was a quick, fun stitch, and one of those designs which came together just as I envisioned.

By contrast, A Home Blessing was a long time in the making. I won’t bore you with the details, but this design went through 3 color changes, a complete style makeover, and a few thread emergencies. I partially stitched it several times, tossing my efforts along the way. About six months later, I finally had the perfect color fabric (Belfast Raw Natural) and the perfect color of red (Gloriana Cranberry) and was almost done stitching… and ran out of thread. Luckily, Harriet was over and just happened to have the same color in her bag and gave me a length so I could finish up. Whew! So, this particular design was quite the project for me, but I’m very happy with the results. This model will remain in my home, because the prayer has special meaning to our family.

Both are available from your favorite LNS. I have a partial shop listing on my website, and just shipped a batch to Hoffman last week.

Tonight was my TV night (I’m hopelessly hooked on Six Feet Under) and I managed to stitch a bit more on Homeschool #1. I keep getting emails asking for it and it’s coming *soon*, I promise! For some reason this one kept getting put aside for other things that popped up… lesson learned here: when designing a series, do them in order :)


8 thoughts on “2 new releases

  1. Beautiful designs! I was addicted to Six Feet Under when it was on HBO so I understand! Have a great day.

  2. They’re lovely! I love them both but i really love the diamonds one. Ive also seen that in your blog header and wondered where it was from, now i know!

  3. Monique, I LOVE your new designs and especially A Home Blessing, the verse is great. The colors for Harriet’s Diamond are beautiful, I had been admiring your blog header so it’s fun to know where it came from!

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