Nashville, neighbors, and neglect

I wasn’t planning to attend the Nashville market this year, but I got a fabulous last-minute deal on a vacation package that I would have been crazy to pass up! I won’t be exhibiting, but My Mark will be represented in a few suites so I have a bit of work to do in a hurry. I actually enjoy ‘visiting’ more than ‘exhibiting’, although the money’s not quite as good :) It’s a fun time to walk around and see what’s new, and catch up with friends.

Oh dear, a pest control truck just pulled up in front of the neighbor’s house… I hope whatever they are chasing out of there doesn’t come over here! I think bugmen ought to drive unmarked vehicles, because if you need to call one, do you really want the whole neighborhood to know about it?!

It looks as though I will be neglecting to work on my sampler gameboard this week for the SAL. I have one more design that I’d really like to get finished *before* I leave, and so I’ll be stitching on that exclusively.  I picked out my travel project… I’ll be bringing along Mar’s Quaker Floral which I have been wanting to start since it arrived! Not that there’s ever much stitching time at market, but I never go anywhere without a project. It’s like my safety blanket :)


10 thoughts on “Nashville, neighbors, and neglect

  1. Have fun at market, Monique! Sounds like fun. I can’t imagine going on a trip without a project. It’s as important as clean undies. :o)

  2. Have fun! There looks to be some lovely new designs coming out this time around :)

  3. Oh, have a good time. I talked with the House of Stitches shop owner (Linda Rinkel) about 3 hours ago. She said there is something like five floors of rooms to visit & estimates she has about six minutes for each room. Me thinks they need to extend the market a day!!!

    Enjoy. Of course we have a project packed. It is the sisterhood of stitchers : ) You just never know when spare time becomes available.

    As excited as you must be to attend, we, stitchers, are on the tip of our seats waiting for the goodies to arrive!

    Safe travels.

    btw, don’t sweat the ONE SQUARE. I’ve been working on the game board since last May. I feel like I should be much further along …

  4. Of course you can’t go anywhere without some sort of stitching project! I love the floral quaker, by the way.
    Have fun in Nashville!

  5. Have a wonderful trip Monique! Very excited you are taking the Quaker Floral. But I really want to know what design you’re stitching on!! Can’t wait to see it!

    Safe trip and have fun!

  6. Can’t wait to hear about your Market experience!

    (Did Stag’s Leap ever arrive???)

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