our little blizzard


Isn’t this ugly?! This is a picture of our snowstorm… and those houses you can barely see are just across the street! My camera made the photo appear darker than it really was, but it was too nasty out for me to stand there adjusting the color. DH had to go out to work in this stuff, so I told him to call me when he was leaving the warehouse so I’d know when to start worrying.

I had a fabulous time in Nashville, and a few goodies followed me home, too! I picked up the full line of Crescent Colours so I can start using them more in my designs, and I couldn’t help myself in the DellaQ room… popped in to get a zipper pouch (an addiction of mine) and when I found out the matching bag was right there I got that, too. This is one of my favorite mini-vacations, because I get to be surrounded all weekend by good friends, good food, and good designs :)