good mail; bad peanut butter

Yay! I got my Kingsland Leaping Stag chart from Barbara yesterday, and she tucked in 2 skeins of Vikki Clayton silks, so I finally get to try those… I’ve been meaning to order some to try, and just never got around to it. Thanks so much, Barbara! Also got the newest LHN thread pack. I’ve gotten almost all of them, but haven’t stitched a single one. Guess I’m a *collector* of these :)

Turns out we had a jar of the poisoned peanut butter, too. Peter Pan was contaminated with salmonella, and if you have a jar of it you may want to check the code printed on the jar lid: any number beginning with “2111” indicates a bad batch!

I thought I had escaped the usual exhaustion that follows a market trip, but it hit me yesterday! I spent the major portion of the day stitching a new model, but I was ready for bed by 7pm. DD was upset that DH would be left to tuck her in, because she swears he doesn’t do it properly. And after seeing her crooked covers this morning, I think she might be right :)

Thursdays are supposed to be my Sampler Gameboard days, but I went to bed so early I didn’t get to work on it at all! I still have just ONE pitiful little house square done, but that’s more than I had done before I joined the SAL, so the group is working! Hopefully, I’ll manage another square this weekend to catch up a bit.

And can I just add here that I hate February? It’s way too short and goes by in a flash and also marks the beginning of my “getting ready for market” frenzy… I have SO much that I hope to have ready for the June TNNA show, and I’m working like mad to finish a word series (designs along the lines of “bliss”); the end of February is also the end of most of my leisure stitching time, as I kick My Mark into high gear. If only I had the foresight to work WAY in advance, but I’m just a last-minute girl and there’s no changing that :)

8 thoughts on “good mail; bad peanut butter

  1. Great stash! The Kingsland chart looks very interesting – I like the look of the colours.

  2. Ah yes, the curse of the procrastinator! I know exactly how you feel…
    I hope you’re feeling better and more awake now. I love your new stash!

  3. The leaping stag design is great–now I want it! We also had two poisoned jars. Supposedly you can return your jar lids for money back, but I’m thinking, what the heck do I put the lid into in order to mail it, so I threw them away.

  4. Oh, Monique… I love The Leaping Stag! Haven’t seen that one yet… thanks for sharing… :-) We had some of the tainted Peanut Butter as well… thankfully, no one got sick… I’ve pitched it, so that’s that!

    Get some rest, Sweetie… :-)

  5. Poisoned peanut butter? Gosh, in this house it would probably be consumed before the warnings ever hit the media!

    I am just so relieved that the Stag finally arrived! I can’t wait to see you stitch it up! :)

  6. You’ve made my whole day. I saw the leaping stag sampler about a year ago — never found out who the designer was.

    Now, I can buy it. It is smashing all stitched up!!!

    Enjoy the day

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