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I finally had time to scan in my progress on Mar’s Quaker design. I’m using Carrie’s Threads in “Olives”, on a 32 ct. Lambswool Jobelan and loving every minute of it! I started this in the airport on my way to Nashville, and was able to work on it a bit in the hotel room on Monday morning while watching a bit of TV. (I hadn’t watched daytime television in several years, and after last Monday morning I remember why.) It’s stitching up very quickly, and although I’ve had to set it aside this week to catch up on work stuff, I hope to pick it back up again soon. I think this will be my official travel project.

Delightful news! My blog has been added to Delightful Blogs, which is a listing of blogs which are… well, delightful :) Most of the blogs listed are chock full of sweet, pretty things; not sure how mine got in but at least I meet the “must post regularly” guideline. Speaking of delightful, Posy Gets Cozy, Wee Wonderfuls, and Molly Chicken are a few of my favorite all-purpose sweet & pretty daily living blogs. I keep thinking I need to make a new bloglist over on the sidebar because I think nearly all that I have listed are stitching related. And there is more to life. Not much more, mind you, but I do try to spend at least 15 minutes every day on non-xs related activities :)

I had a discussion today with someone about my writing a book. I’ll have to mull this over, because I’m not generally a good writer. Oh, I have my witty moments, but mostly I think I just don’t care for writing. I think the way I will approach this will be to write down my thought-blurbs (another term for casual essays) here & there when they hit me and see what (if anything) develops. Oh- and this would be a business book relating to the needlework industry, btw.

My cat has been all over me all day long! She’s in a super snuggly mood… perhaps I better go ahead and take the 4 day old valentine down from her wall before she overdoses on love vibes.


9 thoughts on “sweet & pretty

  1. Mar’s Quaker piece is stitching up so lovely, Monique… Olives on the Lambswool is gorgeous!

    Yes, I agree… I think you should write a Needlework book… I for one would love it as I love reading your blog!

    Congrats on your *Delightful Blog*… I can see why it was chosen… *see comment about why I think you should write a book above* ;-)

    Yup… sounds like the Valentine did the trick for you kitty… Cupid’s arrow found it’s mark! lol


  2. Great progress on your quaker piece. Congrats on being a Delightful Blog! I love seeing what others are designing or crafting, or just “living artfully”. There is more to life than stitching, although the stitching is sure fun!

  3. Monique the Quaker Floral is just turning out beautiful. Great color choices.

  4. lovely quaker design [so far]. I’ve never heard of the fiber you are using. I’ll have to check out the link

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