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There are 2 Japanese magazines that I have been drooling over for months but haven’t known where to get them, aside from Amazon Japan: Cotton Time and Cotton & Paint. (Molly Chicken has a wonderful peek at them on her blog) I heard a rumor that they are sold in a Japanese bookstore which has locations on both the East and West Coasts, but I don’t know the name of the store…. if anyone has a clue what I am talking about, PLEASE drop me an email or comment.

I have recently become fascinated by the Japanese 3-D beaded creatures, and think I might try my hand at making some. I spent a bit of time this morning looking through Amazon Japan (which was tricky since I couldn’t understand a thing) and stumbled across a few books I’d like to have if I could ever figure out how to get them. (oooh, hey– maybe the mysterious bookstore mentioned above?) Normally, I can just look at pictures of crafty goodness and see how things are made, but before setting out on a “little beady thing” adventure, I think I need to see some instructions. Here’s a crummy pic of one of the books:


I also completely love the cuteness factor of Japanese foodie plushies (felties?), although I haven’t a clue what I’d ever do with them.  Donut & cupcake plushies could be used for pincusions, but what on earth does one do with a smiling stick of butter or a happy ketchup bottle??


6 thoughts on “Japan craft on the horizon

  1. I love the japanese beadie creatures – they’re so much better than the ones we get over here. And I haven’t a clue what you do with a smiling ketchup bottle.

  2. Hmm, very interesting crafting magazines. Its so interesting to see what is popular in other countries. Its too bad it wasn’t easier to read them! I have links to a couple of Japanese stitching blogs which I enjoy visiting.

  3. OK didn’t I tell you we are separated at birth?? My daughter just bought me The Cute Book (at Barnes and Noble). Here is the website:
    She is going to Japan for a month in July and I plan to have her bring me home more of these type of things!! Thanks for the great photos of the magazines, right up my alley and hers too!

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