Gameboard progress + WIPs

I managed to complete another square for my Thursday Gameboard SAL, but the motif is so tiny I’m not sure it can really be called “progress” :)


I also managed to put another length of thread into Eightsome Reel… a project which I intended to finish in 2006. I don’t know what I was thinking! This is definitely a “long term” stitch:


I haven’t touched SB’s Be Calm in over a month! I’m just not feelin’ the love for this project anymore… may be one to get tossed at the next WIP eliminations:


and I’m still chugging along on Honor My Parents, which was supposed to be last year’s Christmas gift. I do think I’ll be able to complete it by Christmas 2007, though :)honormy.jpg

In addition to those pictured above, my other WorksInProgress include:

  • a Christmas elf girl
  • “Sweet World” by Midsummer Night Designs
  • “Home is Where You Are” by Shepherd’s Bush
  • “February Glows” by Bent Creek (snapper)
  • LK Christmas flip-it “Song”
  • a cat from Britty Kitties 4 by Brittercup Designs
  • my husband’s name from Hillcroft House (have you seen these? neat!)
  • My Big Toe‘s “Hold On”
  • a bookmark for my dad
  • A Quaker Floral by Midnight Stitching
  • and a few My Mark designs

10 thoughts on “Gameboard progress + WIPs

  1. You’ve got some lovely WIPs there – nice progress! Please don’t just toss Be Calm – if you decide you really don’t want to finish it, I’d be happy to buy or trade it from you.

  2. I say any progress IS progress, so three cheers for your Gameboard motif!

    And please pass on your SB project to Karen instead of pitching it. Think of it as a witness protection program. LOL You know we can’t bear to think of a project actually going in the trash…

  3. Your progress pics are great!! And adoption is better than pitching! ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I appreciate your visit and comment :)

    I agree with Chelle, progress is progress :) I also agree with Karen, Chelle and Barbara …don’t pitch it-if you aren’t going to stitch it let Karen adopt it :)

  5. Hey, any stitching that gets done is progress. Your pieces looks great. That’s quite a list of WIP’s you have.

  6. Even a few stitches brings you closer to completion. I think you’re doing great! Btw, thanks for the enabling. . .I don’t think I noticed SB’s Be Calm before. Just hit my wish list.

  7. Thanks so much, everyone! I promise that the next time I “whittle my wips” I will at least offer them up on my blog before pitching :)

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