DMC conversions + a finish


Ooops! Forgot to include DMC conversions in the chart for this design! I’ll post them on my website as soon as I can get into my admin panel (don’t know what’s going on with that?!) but in the meantime: yellow=727, pink=761, green=3348, purple=3835, orange=352, and blue=827. Sorry about that.


Hey, finished one of my WIPs today :) This is “Hold On” by My Big Toe Designs– of course I used slightly different colors, and I did it on that sparkly Lugana… too bad the glittery-ness doesn’t show in the pic.  I should have been working on my (now slightly overdue) portion of the Round Robin, but I’ve been so dern tired and I just didn’t want to mess up Judy’s gorgeous piece.


8 thoughts on “DMC conversions + a finish

  1. Oh DMC conversions would be great for the fruit of the spirit chart as i have that! Thanks Monique, i’ll check the website for them soon

  2. Thank you for the DMC conversion to this one. I just finished Attitude yesterday and want to start this one soon.

  3. Very nice Monique! Love how colorful it is too! Nice MBT finish!! Glad you survived the storm.

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