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The dental appointment yesterday was not too bad although I discovered a few new problems. I decided that the cleaning and all the poking around were enough for one day, and opted to put off the major junk until June– after the TNNA show.

DH and I went in together (quite a date, eh?) so I had a bit of waiting time while he was under the knife… I *almost* got this little square done. This design is from Tantes zolder, an interesting blog in which old charts found in an attic are being digitized and posted. The thread is from Carrie’s Threads in the color “Pizzazz”. I’m thinking I’ll be able to wrap this one up in the next week or so, and maybe make a little needlebook.

As soon as my Netflix movie gets here I plan to sit and stitch for a bit. I have a model I really need to get finished ASAP, because it’s an Easter design… Easter blackwork to be exact. (I decided to do a few holiday blackwork designs this year, which should be fun) I am really enjoying the Netflix service! I’m a bit of a movie-addict anyway, but it’s so nice not to have to go out to get movies… especially since the closest video place is about 40 minutes away. I do have to be careful, though… occasionally a movie will be so “gripping” that I’ll become engrossed in the screen and forget to stitch!


7 thoughts on “dental stitching

  1. I think it would look great as a needlebook. I just did my first one on Fri night (and then a second one last night)… not too difficult.

  2. thanks for the blog link. Have you looked at Antique Pattern Library? There are tons of older DMC books on-line. There is a link in the dot org sidebar of my blog. There is so much to view – you could get lost there!!!

    This is a lovely design – very nice fiber colour choice : )

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