2 finishes + going bald


*Almost* finished another house square on the gameboard… I had done the windows in yellow, thinking they would look lighted but they looked icky instead so I frogged them. Not sure what I’ll stick in there now. Maybe the roof color? But then the door will look weird. Hmmm. Finished the stitching on the little needlebook square and a bookmark; I left them both out on my work table last night, but apparantly the finishing fairies had better things to do because this morning the two pieces of fabric were still laying there. I also finished and mailed my portion of a Round Robin (that was round 2) but I didn’t take a picture because I think it should be a suprise when she finally gets it back in November.

Something else I didn’t take a picture of: our roof. It’s slowly going bald. Last week’s storms ripped some of the shingles off one by one… every time the wind blew, I could hear another tile go skittering across the roof and into the neighbors yard. We even have a small patch that’s down to the wood. DH called the insurance co. last Thurday, and I followed up with them today… turns out that because of the storms they had to close their office and are down to half staff, and didn’t have any information for us! I got a message later in the afternoon suggesting we go ahead and tarp it until they can get an adjuster out here “early next week”. Nevermind that we haven’t a clue as to how to go about tarping a roof; we don’t even own a ladder tall enough to get up there.

This is the first day of Joan’s blog hop, too… featuring a quilt design by Holly, the creative mind behind LakeHouse Dry Goods and the cool daisy fabric. I’m really loving that fabric!


8 thoughts on “2 finishes + going bald

  1. Maybe a really light blue would look good in the windows?

    I love how your bookmark turned out. I did that same pattern for my aunt, but I tried to satin stitch the book spines and it didn’t come out very well.

  2. Your finishes look great! That is so awful about your roof…i would have no idea either. Hope you get it resolved.

  3. Hahaha! Finishing fairies! There’s always hope :) Nice bookmark and needle book. Thanks for the link to Tantes Zolder. Lovely designs. Intend to stich a design with Carrie’s Thread too. You’ll know about it when I start :)

  4. Great finishes! I am collecting Lilian’s bits, too – who knows when they might appear???

    Windows – maybe a medium gray, so they won’t be so dark to compete with the roof? I’m trying to think of DMC #s, but the brain doesn’t seem to be fully engaged yet this morning :)

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