step #134 of the design process :)


The packaging of charts and preparation for shipment is one of the final stages in the whole “from art to chart” process. I print out the charts, covers, and backs– checking each one for quality issues as I go. After the covers have been trimmed and the “guts” (what I call the actual chart) have been folded, I can start stuffing. Each zipper bag has to be opened because they arrive to me zipped shut (don’t know why?) but I have just discovered a new bag source that will ship the bags pre-opened for an extra fee… and believe me I’m tempted. Opening 100’s of zipper bags at a time is not on my list of favorite things to do :) Anyway. With bags at the ready, I grab a cover, a gut, and a back; tap them on their side to line them up nicely, put them in the bag, zipper it up and set it in the box. I use a ruler (or whatever else is tall and handy) to hold my place in counting- typically at the 50 spot. After it’s all stuffed and stacked I grab a fresh box, recount and pack up and set the box in my “outgoing mail” pile. Step #135 is going to the post office!

An afterthought: that green wall appears slightly hideous in this picture. To see what the whole studio looks like (the other side is purple) click here and here.


2 thoughts on “step #134 of the design process :)

  1. I love the green wall (and the links to the other studio pictures). I painted our hallway white with green (very similiar to yours) which sort of freaked my DH out but he’s used to it now. Purple and green – wow, it’s awesome! Our LR needs repainting….

  2. Yup that’s the process. I know it well. LOL And mine aren’t opened bags either. I’m willing to spend the extra for that little hole so the bags close flat w/o air though! I’ll live with the opening of the zipper. : )
    Love your sewing room / office!

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