an inchie project


I’ve been dying to try my hand at some inchies (one inch square mini-collages) and *yay!* I found the time this week. I put them into a collage/assembly 3-D hanging thing, shown here. I guess I was feeling a bit pink, eh? The base parts took near forever what with all the drying time between steps, and I also decoupaged, gessoed, painted, stamped, beaded, inked, glued, and stitched on this piece! I’m not entirely keen on the way the bottom lace turned out, but I’m extra happy with the hanging scissors, so I guess that makes up for it :)

The inchies are representative of snippets of my life. My thought as I was working on this was that every little moment in my life has had some influence on who I’ve become; it’s the little “bits of me” that come together to make me whole… and although not every moment of my life has been a pleasant one, to change even one of them would change me. Here’s a close up:


OK then. I’m off to ‘Chelle’s house for a weekend stitching getaway :)


14 thoughts on “an inchie project

  1. The minute I saw that, that’s what I thought, “What’s with all that pink?” LOL! Wonderful to explore a non-stitching project once in a while. Fab work!!

  2. Oh, this is too cool! I have to study today, but now I’m just itching to get started on a project like this….

  3. I LOVE this! Your inchies are amazing. I’ve never heard if them before. Congrats on finishing such a cool project. I love that each little piece is a representation of you. Beautiful!

  4. OHHHH I love your Inchies! I’ve never heard of them either .. I just started scrapebooking last year .. started one just for me and my “joys” and finding my “joys” .. you Inchies fits nicely into the joys idea :)

    Have fun at Chelle’s .. I’m jealous!

  5. Hi I stumbled accress your blog and it’s really nice. I had a look at your designs and they’re great esp the faith ones.

  6. Love your inchies. The background sets them off.

    You say you’re not entirely happy with the lace – how about a fringe with threads that remind you of things to suit the theme of your piece. You could also incorporate beads or anything else.

  7. Loved the cookbook pictures, the various faces on the food were just to cute. Also, pretty colors in the dish cloth. I’m generally a sponge person too, but sometimes cloths are fun, especially if it is a color/design of my choice.

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