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What a wonderful weekend! Several ladies in our local stitching group went to Tulsa for a stitching camp, so ‘Chelle invited the rest of us over to her house for our own version of camp, dubbed “wannabe weekend”. We had embroidery, quilting, cross stitching, and even altered art going on! Meri disappeared Saturday morning and returned with a Ladies Home Journal magazine from 1890 or so, and it was a hoot to hear how proper young ladies should behave… apparantly, the youth of the times were becoming slangy, bodly saying things such as “you bet” in response to questions. Slangy girls aren’t able to secure adequate suitors, and their friends tend to be the boisterous sort.

This morning, we ran up to the local antique mall and I found 3 books. One is a 100 year old literature book with fantastic pictures. (When I told my daughter I intended to cut it up, she was horrified and insisted on reading it first… she took it to bed with her so I couldn’t dismember it in the night) I also found a nifty cookbook chock full of illustrated happy foods which are going to someday find their way onto my personal cookbook pages as well as a fun Guide to Easy Entertaining. I bought this one to read, since it’s full of amusing anecdotes from Betty Crocker’s home parties, and chapter after chapter of “rules” for every imaginable situation. There’s even a chapter on the after-dinner! And just so you know, coffee should never be served with dinner. Betty says:

My heart went out in sympathy to a hostess who was asked, after we were seated at the table, “Do you mind if I have coffee now?” by what I can only label as a thoughtless or a most inexperienced guest.


One of the ladies whipped up a super-cute crochet dishcloth on saturday night, and so of course as soon as I got myself settled in this evening, I had to start one of my own. I am using the cheap ball of cotton yarn (is it Sugar N Cream brand?) with a K hook. Chained about 30, then single crocheted the rest. I plan to keep going until it’s fairly square, and then I’ll give it to my husband. He’s a dishcloth kind of guy, while I prefer to use a sponge. This is yet another thing we really should have discussed before getting hitched. Marriage prep classes, advice books,etc. all recommend agreeing on things such as expectations about children and money spending styles; but the really important issues are things like what the thermostat should be set on, whether the windows should be opened or closed when the weather is nice, and which direction the toilet paper should hang on the holder.

Anyway, back to the dishcloth: I took a picture of it, mainly so I could have an excuse to share a few more fun-food images with you. This mother cake is having trouble with her cupcake children, and I’ve never seen a more worried olive… perhaps he just found out that his intended is a slave to slang.croc.jpg


9 thoughts on “wannabe weekend

  1. You are one funny gal! Although I am not married I can imagine the small, small idiosyncracies happenings that your partner does or … does not! ;)

    I live with my mom, so I have a fair dose of those too! LOL!!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I love the inchie!! That’s something I might have to look into.

  3. It sounds like a wonderful time had by all. The inchies are awesome. But funniest of all was the pre-marriage discussions about the “small stuff”! LOL Also noted was that you bought a cookbook! ; ) Very good! I think we’ve definitely turned you to a “dark side”! Love the colors on the dish cloth. And your story about your daughter saving the book was very sweet. I’m with her on this one!

  4. Monique this should have come with a spew warning! I’m glad you had fun this weekend. I really enjoyed having you here! You got some great buys, especially on those books. Did you end up getting the cherry napkin? I can’t remember. I’ll have to let Ilene know she’s inspired a dishcloth. I like the yarn you’re using. Are you sure your spouse won’t want to use it as a facecloth instead? Tee hee! Am I ducking and running? YOU BET! ROTFLOL

  5. Sounds like you had wonderful weekend! And those old books are just a hoot. I inherited some of my grandma’s old books and they just crack me up.

  6. Sound like you really had a fun weekend. I am a dishcloth kind of girl too, and I love the ones like you are making.

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